Your car or mine?

1Your car or mine for lessons or the test?

Can I use my own car?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions then yes you can.

Is it insured for you personally as a learner?

Does it have a current valid MOT

Is there a valid Road Fund Tax disk displayed?

Are all the tyres in good condition with more than 3mm of tread?

(legal limit is 1.6mm but wet performance drops rapidly at 3mm)

Is it in good mechanical condition?

Is it reliable?

Does it have an internal mirror for the instructor / examiner?

Are the head restraints fitted in front & back?

Does it have a passenger airbag?

Does it have L plates fitted front & rear?

Do all the lights work?

Is there enough fuel in the tank?

Is the screen wash full?

Is the car a smoking free zone?

Is the interior clean & tidy?

Will you accept the risk of damage to your car?

Reasons to use your own car

Gaining experience of driving your own car for when you have passed

No confusion with controls / bite point / reference points / gear changes

Will help when doing private practice with a supervising driver (over 21 & passed for 3 years)

Reasons not to use your own car

Not having to worry about any of the above list

If you are inexperienced then using a car with dual controls is advised

You wont save any money on the lesson as our costs will be about the same


Our policy for learner drivers is that you will have an assessment lesson in our dual controlled car before we will give you lessons in your own car. Full licence holders can be assessed in your own vehicle.