1, I have not had lessons with you but can I use your car for the test?

In most case the answer to that would be no. We would want you to have taken lessons with us (conditions still apply) or have taken a 2 hour driving assessment & have met the required standard during that assessment or have time to have lessons with us to get you to the standard before your test date. If we think you need 10 lessons before test but you keep cancelling then we will not allow the use of the car for the test. Also see reply to question 3.

2, Am I ready for the test?

If you need to ask then you are probably not yet ready. You will know when you are ready for test, when you can drive safely and independently. At the end of your lessons your Instructor will do a progress report with you, which will show you how well you are doing and will highlight the areas that may need more attention. The progress report will help you to see when you will be ready to take your driving test.

3, If you say I am not ready, can I still book my test?

Yes you can. However do remember that you do not have the right to use the car for the test. If we think that you are not ready or your progress would be slowed by taking a test too soon then we can withhold the car. We would not be responsible for any loss of test fees if you book the test & we do not allow you to use the car. It is unlikely that any instructor would allow the use of his car just for the test.

4, Can I drive on the road as soon as my provisional arrives?

No you cant, you must be 17 unless you get the higher rate disability allowance.

5, Who gets the points / fines for example for speeding during a lesson?

The driver IE you.

6, Do I need to have passed my theory test before I can take driving lessons?

No, but it will help if you have started practicing for the test.

7, What do I need to bring with me on my first lesson?

You will need your licence if its a new photo type or the licence & photo ID like a passport if its the older type. You will also need your glasses / contacts if you need them to pass the eye test. Plus the lesson fee.

8, What is the duration of your driving lessons?

Our lessons can be tailored to suit you. Most students have 60, 90 or 120 min lessons. Longer can be arranged for special lessons like motorway introductions.

 9, How do I book my driving test?

You can book your practical driving test either by phoning the DSA on 0300 200 1122 or online at dsa.gov.uk or send off an application form, which you can get from your local post office. Alternatively we can book your test for you to ensure that the car is available for your chosen time & day.