How many lessons

How many lessons will I need?

This is a hard one to answer as everyone is different.

The official DSA answer would be 40-60hrs on average, combining professional driving tuition with private practice. This is rather misleading as it depends very much on the individual, their age and ability to learn. Taking account of:

  • How quickly you learn
  • How often you are taught
  • The length of your lessons
  • The regularity of the practice you get

If you are getting regular private practice with a supervising driver that can correct any mistakes then you can really reduce the professional lessons you need.

To help with this we can offer your supervisor a few options.

  • join us for a lesson (no charge)
  • a short chat to explain any issues (no charge)
  • a personal lesson for the supervisor (charged, unless you are doing a 20 hour or intensive booking)

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