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2 days ago

Here are our course dates for the coming months.
These dates can be used for the following licences:-
BE (car & trailer) D1 (17 seat minibus) C1 (7.5 tonner) D1E & C1E (D1 /C1 with trailer)
We offer ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Driver Training Cymru's post

CONGRATULATIONS to Robat V Williams on SMASHING his BE trailer test today. Robat needed to be able to tow his race car to events. After taking advice from Richard he chose the 14 hour course. This ... See more

3 days ago

Robin Vaughan Williams pre test practice.

4 days ago

Robat first Indy reverse

4 days ago
The importance of caravan towing mirrors

If you only do one thing re checking if you need mirrors to tow or not then make it watching this video.

It is so good I wished I made it.

https://youtu.be/nIKrk-reD7M ... See more

In this video we show and explain why you need towing mirrors when caravanning with an instructor from Towing Solutions. We also take a look at a range of ca...

5 days ago
Photos from Driver Training Cymru's post

Two more recent stops on towers & small commercial vehicles. Dont be the next one.

5 days ago
Photos from Driver Training Cymru's post

Do you want to save £100?
We have ONE driving course & test available on the 27th & 28th Feb.
You can use it for BE D1 C1 D1E or C1E.

6 days ago
DVSA Enforcement on Twitter

This is a really common problem for horseboxes and campers, especially self converted ones. Always get the unladen weight checked before buying. The listed one is most likely pre conversion. ... See more

“7500kg Horsebox on its way to collect 2 large 🐎 . Immediate PG9 issued for a deflated tyre, defective brakes +other issues. To the owners horror the vehicle unladen weight was 6870kg....just ... See more

6 days ago
North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group

This combo weighed in at nearly 10 tonnes. https://www.facebook.com/287449588337407/posts/651500181932344/

We stopped this vehicle at Snainton after noticing that it appeared to be a bit heavy. Having escorted it to a weighbridge, we found that the towing vehicle was a staggering 3560kg or 101% ... See more

6 days ago
New guidelines will make testing requirements simpler for drivers with insulin treated diabetes

Good news for diabetics

Drivers who treat their diabetes with insulin will have greater choice in how they test their glucose levels under new guidelines published today by the DVLA.

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